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Black Origin

Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices

Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices


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Black Origin Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices are the perfect choice for your stir-fry, sukiyaki, or hotpot dish. Our Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices are super flavourful and sliced 1.7mm thick, making them ultra tender.


此产品肉片厚度为1.7毫米(1.7 mm)

Cooking suggestions

For a sukiyaki stir-fry, simply heat oil in a frypan, brown our Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices, then add soy sauce, stock, and sugar. Add onion and celery and cook until tender, then add bamboo shoots, green onions, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. Reduce heat, stir in cornstarch, and simmer until sauce thickens.

For a hotpot dish, simply simmer our Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices together with vegetables, tofu, and noodles in a sweet and salty sauce for a warm, flavourful, and easy meal.

Storage instructions

Keep frozen. Make sure not to put anything else on top of the Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices in the freezer, as this may damage the meat.

Our Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices slices are fragile, so please defrost carefully. Leave in the fridge overnight until completely thawed. Do not put anything else on top of them.

If you forget to defrost the Wagyu Knuckle Thin Slices slices ahead of time, defrost in water for 30mins (or until completely thawed) changing the water frequently.

Please note product will be sent frozen.

Storage and use

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