Black Origin T-Bone Steak: How To Cook

Chef Ryan Henley shares his tips on how to cook the perfect Black Origin Wagyu T-Bone (2.53.0cm thick).



– Defrost your T-Bone overnight in the fridge, then take out of the packet and leave uncovered in the fridge for a further 24 hours.

– When preparing to cook, take your T-Bone out of the fridge a good two hours before cooking to bring to room temperature.

Ideally you would cook your T-Bone over charcoal, otherwise use a thick cast iron pan.

– Season the T-Bone quite heavily with good quality flaky sea salt, and preheat the pan to a medium heat.

– Start cooking by standing the T-Bone on its bone edge (the top of the T). This gets heat into the bone, meaning that the meat directly along the sides of the bone (the slowest to cook) will cook more evenly.

Cook for around 3 minutes, then turn the T-Bone onto its Sirloin edge to render the fat (at least two minutes).

The two muscles on the T-Bone cook at different speeds, with the Fillet cooking more quickly, so this has the added benefit of allowing the Sirloin slightly more cooking time.

– Increase the heat and lay the T-Bone down flat. Cook for 20 seconds, then flip T-Bone onto the other side and repeat. Continue cooking, flipping constantly, for around 67 minutes total.

Because it’s Wagyu, you want to aim for consistency in texture throughout the meat. If you cook while turning constantly, the heat penetrates more slowly for greater moisture retention and a much more even colour and texture throughout.

– After cooking, rest the T-Bone by standing on its bone edge (the top of the T) for around 56 minutes. This will preserve the crust, saving it from getting soggy, and makes carving the T-Bone easy.

– Carve the T-Bone standing up, then slice the steaks to serve.

– Serve with an easy heirloom tomato salad – heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, freshly cracked black pepper, and red wine vinegar – the salad should be at room temperature to serve.

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