New Steak Packaging: 80% Recyclable

Black Origin has recently switched to new packaging for our ribeye, sirloin and rump steaks, available in supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

With New Zealand slowly moving away from single-use plastics, we jumped on the opportunity to invest in an innovative long-term solution.

Our new packaging machine allows us to pack all all our steaks in-house at our Christchurch location. This allows for greater efficiency and quality control, saves freight emissions, and helps us towards our goal of self-reliance throughout the supply chain.

Our new packaging is 80% recyclable, and keeps our steaks fresh for longer. It consists of a cardboard base combined with a barrier film to seal the steak freshly in place. The cardboard base has been designed around recyclability, with two cleverly perforated corners to allow you to easily remove the non-recyclable parts.
To open the packaging, wiggle the corner labelled ‘1’ to break the barrier film seal and peel off the film (which goes into the rubbish). After removing your steak, lift the corner marked ‘2’ and peel off the top paper layer (that has been touching the steak) from the cardboard base. This top paper layer goes in the rubbish, and you can then pop the rest of the base into the recycling bin.

This improved functionality and recyclability combined with the sleek new look is a definite step forward for Black Origin. We’re proud to be keeping ahead of the curve, and hope you like our new Wagyu steak packaging as much as we do!

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