Our story

We are born of Japan and made of New Zealand.

We honour the mastery of two centuries past.
And embrace also the new of today.
We are charged with carrying a tradition.
And we do it with pride.
We do it with respect.

For the animals.
For our farmers.
For our partners.
For our customers.

And we do it without compromise.
We respect the people we work with,
and share our passion.

They grow the grain, care for our animals, and share our success.
We are all in it together and we’re in it for only one thing.
To create the finest products.

The mastery of heritage, lineage, husbandry,
and expertise meets the purity of grass, grain,
water, and air.

Black Origin – True Mastery, Rich Purity

  • Black Origin Wagyu began in 2015 and has since been tirelessly rearing stock to the quality and levels needed to supply the best restaurants and consumers. We combine the origin of Japanese breeding genetics and 200-year-old techniques with New Zealand’s grass, grain, water and air.

    This combination of cultures, with the harmony between Japanese respect and modesty and Kiwi drive, is fundamental to ensure we create one of the finest premium Wagyu products in the world. The purity of Wagyu is determined by genetic origins. True to this legacy, Black Origin has maintained both the quality of the breed and the authenticity of its flavour.

  • Our Japanese Wagyu cattle start life roaming the world’s greenest pastures and enjoying the finest hay. They are then transitioned into our cutting edge Wagyu loafing barns for approximately 420 days. These barns are designed to create optimal airflow throughout, with plenty of room for the Wagyu to move around, and comfortable sawdust bedding to add further luxury to their environment.

    The cattle also receive massages and played music to keep them soothed and calm throughout the process. The barns are hormone and antibiotic free and a vet visits and monitors conditions and animal health regularly.

  • Our priority is the health and happiness of our cattle because this directly affects the quality of our meat.

    As the cattle move from pasture to barn, they are also carefully transitioned onto a new diet, consisting of only our special blend of grain. This unique and custom blend was created specifically for us by Japanese Wagyu experts and increases marbling, makes muscle fibre finer, fat whiter, and gives a nutty and elegant Wagyu aroma and taste.

    It's this combination of respected Japanese Wagyu mastery, nutrient-rich Canterbury grains, and high-quality mineral-rich water, direct from the Southern Alps, that makes ours such a magnificent product.