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Black Origin

Ribeye Cap Yakiniku Slices

Ribeye Cap Yakiniku Slices


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Wagyu ribeye cap yakiniku slices, ideal for preparing over a charcoal barbecue (hibachi).

The ribeye cap has one corner that is particularly marbled, which is the part we utilise for these yakiniku slices.


Storage instructions

Keep frozen. Make sure not to put anything else on top of the yakiniku in the freezer, as this may damage the meat.

Our Wagyu ribeye cap yakiniku slices are fragile, so please defrost carefully. Leave in the fridge overnight until completely thawed. Do not put anything else on top of them.

If you forget to defrost the yakiniku slices ahead of time, defrost in water for 30mins (or until completely thawed) changing the water frequently.

Please note product will be sent frozen.

Storage and use

Ingredients and nutrition information

100% New Zealand Wagyu Beef.
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