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Black Origin

Wagyu Fina Seca

Wagyu Fina Seca


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Our Black Origin Fina Seca is crafted from our Wagyu silverside. It is dry-rubbed with salt and spices and cured for a month, then dusted with black pepper and dry-aged to perfection.

Our Fina Seca has a sweet flavour profile, and a softer texture due to natural marbling within the Wagyu. It contains hints of juniper and bay, pairing beautifully with more delicate flavours like soft cheeses and fruits.

我们的Fina Seca先用盐和香料干腌,腌制一到两个月后,撒上黑胡椒,经过干式熟成达到完美状态。它具有甜美的风味,并且由于和牛内部的天然大理石纹路,质地更加柔软和牛香气浓郁。

80g pack.


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